Our Biographies

Robert's Biography


Robert was born in the city of Bunbury, in the south west corner of Western Australia. His first exposure to photography was with his Pop who never went anywhere without his Super 8 movie camera. Robert accredits his Pop for his love and interest in photography today.
Robert first started tinkering with photography when in high school. There was always a earning to keep photographing the good old family happy snaps. In the late 1980's Robert gave up smoking cigarettes and took up photography in a more serious manner. He did not save any money, but started living a healthier life style.
Robert has since spent the last 20 plus years travelling the south west corner of Western Australia honing his photographic skills. There also has been trips to Canada, USA and Malaysia. Roberts favorite type of type of shots tend to be lightning from thunder storms, followed closely by sunrises and sunsets with the stunning colours reflected on the water and clouds. He is now branching out to including landscapes and nature to his portfolio.
Roberts photographs reflect the true subject matter with very little manipulation on computers to enhance the image. What you see, is what I saw, and is what you get.

Aileen's Biography


Aileen's interest in art started as a small child, when she used to spend many an hour gazing at the paintings in her Grandparents home. But, it wasn't until her early twenties that she sought lessons on oil painting and was fortunate enough to receive tutoring from 2 very talented artists, in Melbourne and Perth.
Aileen was a proliferate artist through the 70's and 80's, but stopped painting when her youngest son decided she needed some help and painted black trees across 30 odd paintings that were ready for an exhibition. He was 3 years old at the time and Aileen did not paint for a further 35 years, and has only recently taken up the craft again.
Aileen has now transitioned across to acrylics and describes this as her inner child escaping. You will understand this sentiment when you see the differences between her oil and acrylic paintings.
Aileen's paintings all have an interesting story behind them and she shares this with you.