Our Biographies

Alistair Beveridge

Alistair is the genuine Aussie battler, very grounded, no artifice and what you see is what you get.  He's a rare breath of fresh air.
He suffered a major illness and in 2012 he retired to a country cottage to rest and recuperate.  His constant companions were a batch of hens and he found the soft clucking cackling was very soothing but he became totally fascinated by their behaviour.
Thus was born the "Chook Man" and he's been draawing chooks at their best (and worst) ever since.
Alistair now lives in Albany Western Australia and displays his works and drawings on site at the Albany Boat SHed Markets every Sunday morning.  His drawings bring a smile to your face and if you want something a little bit special he'll happily do a drawing for you.

Alistair has undertaken a special order to produce a Moulin Rouge hen for the Mazzella Charitable Trust which is only available through this website.  Proceeds from the sale of this drawing are donated to the Trust.